About Jef

Jef is a former art school dropout, an experienced caretaker of animals, and a certified controller of pests. When he isn’t writing about himself in the third person he may be leading a fungi field walk, taking pictures of bugs in his back yard, or ushering a spider out of someone’s office while telling them what it is and why they shouldn’t be afraid of it. Actually he spends most of his time in Boston at his very fun day job or hanging out with his very fun wife and dogs. Favorite places include ponds, swamps, woods, tide pools, pubs, and city streets. He loves nature but feels uneasy if he’s more than 5 minutes away from a place where you can buy a cup of coffee with an ATM card.

Previous projects include Don’t Shoot! It’s Only Comics!, The Urban Pantheist zine, and The Urban Pantheist blog (still active).

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