About The Species of Least Concern Podcast

The Species of Least Concern Podcast is an audio space for discussing those living things that are so close to us that we sometimes forget to think about them.  They may be classified as “species of least concern” for conservation purposes, but for most people they are the species that concern us more than any other. I’m talking about pests and pets, urban and suburban wildlife, and those creatures we step over, walk by, overlook–or even swat at—as we go about our human lives.

My name is Jef, spelled with one F,  and these are my very favorite kinds of living things. Not simply because I lead Urban Nature Walks or because I’m a pest control manager but because there is so much to be learned from these species. They chose us as much as we chose them, whether through conscious choice, or coincidence of evolution.

I love it when people bring me bugs, or ask me about weeds or mushrooms, because it shows that they are engaged—even if in a small way—with the natural world around them, and they want to know more. I always want to know more too, and the more I learn the more I find there is to learn.

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