Episode 010: Suburban gastropods

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Poison ivy Toxicodendron radicans in fall colors.

Staghorn sumac Rhus typhina in fall colors.

English garden snails Cepaea nemoralis. Note the variation in shell colors.

Dusky slug Arion subfuscus.

Leopard slug Limax maxima.

A pair of leopard slugs begin their mating dance. Photo by @alexbermudez

This is the link to the mating slugs clip from David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth.

Click here to learn more about English garden snail shell color variation.

2 comments on “Episode 010: Suburban gastropods

  1. Denise Rio on said:

    Great! My 90 year old mother loves these english snails, I don’t know why, she just is always happy to find them in the garden and simply puts them back. Normally she kills everything that moves in the garden.

    I can’t see the pictures of the leopard slugs here. I’m going to check out Attenborough’s clip now. Thanks for the link!

    • Denise Rio on said:

      -just took a while to load them I guess! Watched the clip! It’s like Circ du Sluggo! Beautiful. I suppose it’s hard to find an orchestra but music really adds to the mood.

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