Episode 011: fungal fall colors, domestic cats

Click for episode eleven:  SOLC 011

“Pink” or “White pored” Chicken mushrooms, Laetiporus cincinnatus

Yellow-pored chicken mushrooms or “Sulfur shelf,” Laetiporus sulphureus

Eyelash cup, Scutellinia scutellata, Photo by Alexis Bywater


Domestic Cats, Felis sylvestris catus: Sorry, I couldn’t find any pictures of domestic cats on the internet. Please post pictures of your own pet cat in the comments.

The Massachusetts Audubon Society on cats.

The National Audubon Society’s position on free-roaming and feral cats.

National Geographic profile of the domestic cat.

Kittycams project

The Oatmeal commentary on the Kittycams project



4 comments on “Episode 011: fungal fall colors, domestic cats

  1. Asakiyume on said:

    Jef, it was great! This is the first episode I’ve actually gotten to hear, in spite of “liking” the project on FB from the start. Anyway, I really enjoyed it all. I laughed when you mentioned overeager mushroom gatherers poisoning themselves w/jack o’lanterns since that’s the mushroom I did poison myself and my family with. I thought your cat discussion was very good; we’re keeping Jiji in for just the reasons you say.

    Anyway, nice to hear your voice :-)

  2. Asakiyume on said:

    Also LOL your final comment in text about pictures of cats.

  3. Asakiyume on said:

    Oh, and I love the title of the podcast–I’ve always found that category to be amusing/bemusing.

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